Ham, Bean, and Veg Soup

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Ham, Bean, and Veg Soup

Postby grimjerk » Thu Jun 15, 2006 2:25 pm

Warning, my receipes are fairly loose, so remember you can always put more in but you can't take anything out once its in.

What ya need

1 lb beans I like to use a 15 bean soup mixture.

2 lbish ham diced I usualy buy a 1/4 ham sliced and cut it into strips

several cups of diced veg. Suit your own tastes. Today I used 1lb of carrots, 2 celery hearts, 2 bell peppers, 1 large vidalia onion.

Juice of 1 lemon

10 cups of water or stock
(I make my own ham and veg stock using several large hock bones and a variety of veg. Remember to dice everything very fine use a hammer to bust up the hock bones. When rendering a stock with bones always add a Tbs of vineger to draw out the calcium. Strain very carefully.)

3 cans of diced tomatos

A good Italian spice mix. This I don't measure. I just add small amouts until I reach the desired taste. Tone's Spicey Spagetti Seasoning is good.

What ya do.

Soak beans overnight as per directions on bag.

Strain beans and rinse. Put beans in big ass pot.

Add in stock and ham plus any really long cooking veg you decide to use.

Heat to boil, reduce to simmer. For a soup result cover, for a stew(ier) consistancy, don't.

Simmer for about an hour, strirring now and then.

After the hour test the beans. In a 15 bean soup mix the last bean to soften will be your pintos so test one of them. If they are still firm but chewable add the remainder of the veg and begin seasoning and the juice.

Cook, try, spice, until the broth is the flavor your after. Cook until the veg is softened to your liking.

If your not afraid of carbs serve with some wild rice.

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