Dbl vs Single Bench Shirt - Unscientific Study (and a PR)

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Dbl vs Single Bench Shirt - Unscientific Study (and a PR)

Postby joesmo » Mon Jul 10, 2006 11:33 am

OK, wanted to share what I found out. A few weeks ago, I indicated that I gave a single ply RageX a ride, maxing at 565 (missing on 575).

Well this last sunday, I decided to give my Double RageX another try. After warming up and hitting a raw 3RM of 380, then 405 for 1, I put the Dbl Ply on for some singles. 515(3board, the rest to chest), 535, 555,575,595,605. Tried 615 twice, but no go. I was too exhausted, but happy with this 5lb PR.

So everything was pretty close, my bodyweight, same bench, bar and plates. Same environment, same lift off person. When I was traling to Brent Mikesell, he indicated that his differential was 35 pound, and most got 40 - which is exactly what I found.

(It was actually a boost - it was 9 months ago when I hit my first and only 600 bench in the gym....now to get close in a meet).
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