2006 American Strongest Man

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2006 American Strongest Man

Postby dhartnet » Sun Jul 23, 2006 10:27 am

Congrats to Steve McDonald of Pittsburg!

America’s Strongest Man 2006 Day 2

The First event of the day was the 800-pound Tire flip for 80’. Other than a cardio Gut buster, none of the athletes Struggled with this event. Neck and neck again on the tire flip was Travis Ortmayer and Kevin Nee. Travis edged out Kevin with a little over a second. Winning the Tire Flip was Travis Ortmayer followed by Steve MacDonald and third in the event was Kevin Nee.
The second event of the day was the BMW Deadlift Medley. The first event was the BMW Z-4 straight bar deadlift (600 pounds), followed by the William’s Strength axle (700 pounds), the Hummer Tire Deadlift (820 pounds), and the BEASTLY BMW X-3 (over 900 pounds). Over half the field succeeded with at least one implement. No one succeeded with 4. Travis Ortmayer speeds through the first three implements. The Top three placing in the BMW deadlift medley were Travis Ortmayer, Van Hatfield and Gerard Benderoth.
The third event of the day was the Harley Haven Conan’s Wheel. In true form, proving that this is America’s STRONGEST Man, the Harley Haven Conan’s Wheel was just plain HEAVY! Winning the third event of the day again was Travis Ortmayer trying to hit a Grand Slam by winning the title of America’s Strongest Man. The top three finishers were Travis Ortmayer, Derek Poundstone, and Jon Andersen.
The fourth and final event that will crown America’s Strongest Man 2006 are the famous William’s Strength Atlas Stones. This event came down to a very tight race by all athletes. The top four placings in this event was Travis Ortmayer, Marshall White, and Steve MacDonald. The 2006 America’s Strongest Man is Steve MacDonald! The top six athletes of 2006 are Steve MacDonald, Jon Andersen, Travis Ortmayer, Kevin Nee, Derek Poundstone, and Nick Best.

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