May have seen this already from another forum (pl template)

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May have seen this already from another forum (pl template)

Postby juninho » Sat Aug 12, 2006 3:39 am

hope this kind of plagiarism is permitted here, it's a post from Lyle McDonald on his own forum regarding a proposed powerlifting template. I don't often pop boners over new templates but I saw this one at precisely the time I am looking for ways of manipulating my own westside-based routine, and thought this seemed pretty fucking sound:

A theoretical cycle idea


Ok, so a while back (couple of months) I mentioned in someone's training log (maybe Jon's) about an idea I had for a training cycle.

Had come up within the context of the way that the Metal Militia guys train (balls out for 3-4 weeks, take 1-2 weeks off), I think I also mentioned Smolov and the fact that WSB isn't a true conjugate system (at least as defined in Supertraining).

Also commented on the idea of rotating exercises being able to avoid stagnation at 90%+ (tho the WSB guys seem to take roughly 1 week in 4 off from ME exercises). There were other issues contributing to this as well.

Anyhow, throwing that all together, my idea (roughly sketched was this)

Mon: Competition bench + asssistance
Competition style bench: work up over a number of sets to a max single using your competition style. Keep increasing until you fail. Note where/how you fail.

You could conceivably do an assistance exericise here (i.e. a board press or some such) but pick it dependin on where you failed during the first exericse. So
Off the chest: wide grip/paused bench press
2" off the chest: 2 board press
midpoint: floor press
lockout: 3-4 board press or pin presses

Probably work this for doubles and triples or even 5's. A lot of this depends on recovery, working to a max single in the bench may be enough maximal work for the day (see Thu).

Additional supplemental work for shoulders, back, triceps. 3-4 sets of 8-10 or whatever.

Tue: competition style squat + assistance
Squat: same as above, work up to a single until you fail. Note where/how you fail.

Possibly an assistance exercise picked based on where you failed.
Hole: below parralel box squat or pause squat or bottom position squat or whatever
Midpoint: above parallel box, GM or SLDL
lockout: who fails at lockout

Work it for doubles or triples, even 5's.

Some supplemental work for hams, glutes, abs, low back.

Thu: assistance bench day
Instead of competition style bench to a max single, do assistance work to a max single. Picked as above, based on where you failed. Work up to a max single just as per WSB Me day. I'd say warm up with normal bench pressing for technique.

Supplemental work for delts, back, arms.

Fri: DL + assistance day
Work up to a max single DL in competition style.

Assistance exercise chosen based on where you fail.
Bottom: elevated DL (be very careful) or switch to sumo
midpoint: GM or SLDL again
lockout: band DL or something similar

supplemental work


Basically it's all ME work with a combo of competition and assitance work. The idea was that you worked to a max single in the competition lift at each workout and used your failure point to determine yoru selection of an assistance exercise. Alternately, you could progress the loading over the 3-4 weeks.

Week 1: work to a 4-5RM
Week 2: work to a 3RM
Week 3: work to a 2RM
Week 4: work to a 1RM

The 4-5RM week might be dropped if you can only handle 3 weeks of extreme loading like this. In any event, your choice of assistance work depends on where you fail during the competition movement.

As well, conceivably, your choice of assistance would change week to week depending on where you failed that week.

The above would be done for 3-4 straight weeks, attempting to break records each workout.

After that comes the deload. But rather than the Metal Militia approach to doing nothing, I figured on putting speed work during the deloading. So you're going to do basically nothing but speed work (use standard WSB recs or not) with a lowered volume of supplemental work. Do that for 1-2 weeks. One possibility would be to work to a 5RM prior to speed work, to maintain a bit of heavy loading.

Then return to heavy loading again. If you wanted, you could move to more intensive means (i.e. chains, bands) in subsequent blocks which is also more in keeping with true conjugate periodization.

As above, it's sort of a mix of MM (heavy loading for 3-4 straight weeks), Smolov (do speed work during the LDTE of the heavy work), and WSB (pick assistance work based on weakness).

Ok, folks, tear it apart.

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