WPO Results

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WPO Results

Postby Puke » Fri Nov 10, 2006 6:49 am

Full results

http://www.worldpowerliftingcongress.co ... 202006.xls
Yarymbash is insanely strong, big meet for him after hitting another huge total just a few weeks prior.

Big props to Jim Grandick, those were only his opening weights as he was having an off day. 2546 on opening weights and an off day. That is awesome. Wicked strong.

Panora hit another big total going over 2400 again at 242.

Ano makes a huge return to the platform and hits 2463. Freaking insane.

Gene Bell, what can I say. 2143 at 220 and 50 years old. I got to have dinner with him at seniors. A true legend.

Chad Aichs wins the SHW with 2628, great to see this. Chad is a great guy. Watching him go to the platform is quite the scene.

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