Track Meet -Potts Invite

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Track Meet -Potts Invite

Postby Rande Treece » Sun Mar 18, 2007 10:24 pm

I went to a collegiate meet on Saturday at the University of Colorado. There were 13 men’s throwers. I warmed up with a couple of throws probably over 140’ (there were only lines at 40m, 50m and 60m. They announced they would take the top 9 collegians and what other throwers had longer distance than the lowest placing collegian to the finals.

All of my first 3 throws were legal and I got one out to 46.74m. My form felt solid, but not explosive. In the finals I tried to pick it up. My first throw went to 46.78, for a big 2 cm improvement. On my 5th throw I had trouble with the entry and had to restart. I was getting tired and ended up fouling a poor throw. For the last throw I tried to slow down the entry and focus on going left and driving with my right foot. It went well.

All in all, I had 4 throws over 150’ and my best was 153’ 5” (46.78m). A video of it is at:

This is consistent with how I’ve performed in the Spring for many seasons. In the years where I’ve thrown more than 50m in August, I’ve also opened with 46m throws in March and April.

I’m actually looking forward to throwing through the Summer.
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