Template to increase the Crossfit Total

Look, I'm not going to lie. There's a guy in here, "Lockout", that makes this one of the least productive and most boring places to talk training on the internet, and no one can be bothered to ban him. Buyer beware. Arguments about minutiae. Ad hominems. Appeals to authority. Training #1.

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Template to increase the Crossfit Total

Postby Rick Deckard » Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:45 am

of course by the power of the mighty brothers smolov

28 weeks super cycle, two Mark II cycles and two Mark III cycles running at 3 session per week, use your max triple as max.

1. Mark II: deadlift/bench
2. Mark II: squat/press
3. Mark III: deadlift/bench
4. Mark III: squat/press

I only wish I had equipment left... I really would like to test run this
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