Diet tweak on a flexible diet style.

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Diet tweak on a flexible diet style.

Postby lockout » Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:46 pm

Just wanted to share what I've been trying lately.

The last 3 years or so I more so just ate what ever I wanted, but not too much. The results? Depends on where I'm staying. But what I've found is I just wasn't getting enough protein that way and my strength was slowly withering away. Plus when staying in USA I find myself getting way too much calories and I gain weight rapidly. It's no wonder most people in USA are so disgustingly fat.

My solution to the protein issue? Most days I start my first meal with fish, eggs, or meat, and make sure I get at least most of my minimum protein requirements for the day. Then later in the day I eat what ever I want.

For protein intake I go by Brad Pilon's 60-120 grams per day. He says more than 120 grams won't help with muscle growth. But my only argument is that the real heavy athletes will need more simply due to high calorie requirements.

But for me? My calories are low and therefore protein is low. But if I don't pay attention, I don't get enough. And it shows in my lifts. And that small tweak made all the difference for me. My lifts are going back up again.

Anyways, if I could sum it up, it's just a tweak that worked for me with my flexible style diet. If I could estimate, perhaps it doubles my protein and fat and halfs my carbs. Making a better balance for me.

Sounds similar to a fairly new marketed dieting strategy. Right? I won't mention the name, but yes I know. I don't believe in all the pseudoscience and marketing hype. It's 100% bullshit to rip you off and sell you bullshit! But for me and what I did and why? It was just a simple tweak in strategy to make sure I'm getting what I wasn't getting enough of before. Nothing more and nothing less.

Feel free to comment. That's why I share.

One more comment I have is that's why low carb diets work best for cutting fast. It's the best way to have enough protein while reducing calories. The problem? Cutting too fast puts your natural testosterone production into the dirt, and who knows how long it will take to recover. The solution? Don't be a fucking pig. Instead maintain a healthy weight. If you've already failed in that part, the only thing you can do is just do what you can to pick up the pieces. We all make mistakes. That's how you learn.

Peace dudes!!!
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