old school vs text book

Look, I'm not going to lie. There's a guy in here, "Lockout", that makes this one of the least productive and most boring places to talk training on the internet, and no one can be bothered to ban him. Buyer beware. Arguments about minutiae. Ad hominems. Appeals to authority. Training #1.

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old school vs text book

Postby lockout » Fri Nov 18, 2016 6:37 am

Just throwing some thoughts out there. But these days I'm leaning towards I like old school training a lot better. Anecdotal evidence shows what happens in the real world. Even a teen ager can figure it out. Text book style is more theorizing than anything, and any moron can write a book and claim to be an expert. I could go on and on about it, but instead I want to give a list of things that are or have been modernly touted that are in reality complete bullshit:

1. Don't do lot's of crunches, it doesn't work. Bullshitx1,000!!! I actually have two identical twin friends who were into sports. One did hundreds of crunches a day where as the other one didn't. The one who did the crunches had abs that popped out like eggs and the girls would rub them like a wash board. Yes it is true that doing such won't melt away a spare tire that's been built from years of gluttony, but that doesn't mean that crunches don't work. They do work and they work very well. So all the people saying the opposite can shut the fuck up and go eat more donuts.

2. Isolation exercises don't work. Really? My calves used to be my best body part back in the day when I actually used to work them. Now 10 years of neglect and they're my worst. A muscle has to be worked hard in order to grow, and if it isn't getting enough work from compound exercises, it will get worked well from isolating it.

3. Only do 1 set; any more is overtraining? Really? Think about it rationally and you'll realize how stupid it really is. The muscle needs to be worked to stimulate it to grow. If you can work it hard enough in one set, then good. But if not, then you need to add another. Some people aren't strong enough or in good enough shape to work the muscle hard enough in 1 set. Some people can and do manage to make every set a good one, so 1 set works for them. Others for what ever reason (maybe psychological or situational) don't seem to get it right on the first time every time; I'm in that category. If I gave a set a shot and for ever reason it didn't go well and I couldn't do my best at it, you bet I'm going to stop take a rest and then try again and do another. And if I can still do more after that, that means I didn't necessarily work my muscle hard enough, and maybe I can do another. (Mike Mentzer can send me to hell for that one. But at the end of the day, I know I worked my muscle well. All the guys who call it a day blame it on recovery and reduce volume even further, won't.)

Anyone still complaining about overtraining? Try shoveling rocks all day in the blazing sun with no rest, raking a 4 slump concrete for 7 hours straight, moving 80 lb blocks all day when you're starting out and not strong enough, running a heavy jackhammer all day, etc., 6 days a week. Then come and we'll talk about overtraining. It's in your head. With that being said, it isn't necessary to spend all week in the gym either, that's stupid and a waste of time.

Those were just a few examples. Maybe you have a few of your own?

Thinking back to the days before the internet, there were also a lot of other myths they had back then as well. But real world experience tells the truth. Everything else is bullshit.

And that gives some food for thought. If it doesn't prove to work in the real world, why is some asshole writing about it, sighting studies and making some wacky theory up? Fuck that!!! Go by what you know works in the real world because you did it or saw it with your own eyes, not because some pencil neck geek is writing about it on paper. Duh!!!

People don't seem to give themselves enough credit for what they are capable of and what they know. Give a group of teenagers a barbell set, show them a handful of exercises, but no books or internet. If they want to get results bad enough, they will try on their own and experiment and they will figure out what works. The old guy who's been in the game for long enough knows what works and what doesn't, can tell what is bullshit and what isn't, and knows enough to know that the guy's writing all the new stuff are probably nothing but a bunch of whippersnappers.
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