Tens Unit

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Tens Unit

Postby Charles Nelson Reilly » Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:16 pm

i bought a tens unit recently. Surprisingly affordably for the quality. i figured since i sometimes i get the electrode treatment at the chiropractor and it helps, why not supplement that treatment if i can. A hot, moist towel first, maybe an ice pack too for contrast, then the deep tissue velvet of the tens.

so far good results at the homebase. Kind of an active rest for the the upper and lower back. I feel relaxed, refreshed. Emptied out and then renewed. So much Stim!

did you know they have special units just for your genitals? i haven't tried that yet but it is awfully tempting.

I fear i could become addicted and not be able to have the same blunt force trauma masturbatory sessions that i'v grown accustomed to.

will report back.
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